ScaleUp: Battery production plant scaling

Do you plan to enter the growing market of battery production as a new supplier or to increase your capacities? Are you currently planning the production of materials for anode or cathode? And are you looking for the optimum process and systems for your ideas? 

Then On is the right partner for you right from the start. We develop the perfect process engineering solution for your product: from initial trials in our test centres to the industrial scaling of your production. 

From battery production testing facility to full-scale industrial production plant

To help you find your perfect battery production process, we carry out product trials with your raw and active materials in our battery testing facilities. We determine the data needed to lay out production systems, configure the machines to match your requirements and assist you during product development. And we also design and engineer a pilot plant for you. Once the product and process meet your requirements, we can scale-up your system to industrial production. Reach out to us to discover how our production scaling offer can benefit you and your business!

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